Nexus 5

The internet is abuzz with fresh rumours of Nexus 5 running Android L Build 'LRW66E' being spotted via Chrome Bug Tracker, while Google is yet to roll out the final Android L release to the public.

Nexus 5 Running Android L Build LRW66E Spotted in Chrome Bug Tracker [LEAKED PHOTOS]

Freshly leaked photos depicting a Nexus 5 running build LRW66E of Android L version has recently surfaced online via Chrome Bug Tracker, whose access permissions have been set to private by Google.

Nexus 5 Running Android L Build LRW66E Spotted in Chrome Bug Tracker [LEAKED PHOTOS]

Folks at Android Police have posted the leaked image and the bug report for a side-by-side comparison between the Android L preview version running on the Nexus 5 and the features of the new Android L build as described in the leaked photo.

Nexus 5 Running Android L Build LRW66E Spotted in Chrome Bug Tracker [LEAKED PHOTOS]
Android L build LRW66E

As there is no official word or confirmation from Google about the latest developments with the Android L project and since last minute changes are inevitable, the following comparison must be taken with a grain of salt.

Here is the breakdown of a detailed feature comparison between the Android L developer preview release and the recently rumoured Android L build LRW66E:

Nexus 5 Running Android L Build LRW66E Spotted in Chrome Bug Tracker [LEAKED PHOTOS]
Left: new Nexus 5 L build LRW66E. Right: current Nexus 5 L preview

The Toggle or Switch

The revamped Toggle or Switch is reportedly shorter and fatter in the new Android L build, which is unlike the specifications mentioned in the Material Design guidelines.

It is not yet clear if the developers have deliberately altered the Switch UI design or if the guidelines need to be updated in the near future.

Device Icons

Bluetooth device can now be recognised with a new distinct icon in the system tray.

New Gear Icon Colour with Close Divider Lines

The Gear icon colour is now teal and matches with the rest of the UI, while the double-line separator looks very fine and almost invisible.

Bluetooth Visibility

The Bluetooth Visibility gets revamped in terms of logic and location, wherein the device will be automatically visible to nearby Bluetooth devices instead of the user having to manually add the same every time via the settings menu.

However, it is not yet clear if the change will be incorporated into the public release or just limited to the developer versions.

In addition, the Bluetooth notification UI or message box has been relocated from top to the bottom to enable more screen space for listing available and paired devices.

Gmail Icon

The stacked Gmail icons now notify the user about more than one unread message, whereas the current build is limited to show a single Gmail icon regardless of the number of unread messages in the inbox.

Wi-Fi and Signal Strength Icons

Now both the Wi-Fi and signal strength icons have been recreated to make them look solid without any breaks between levels, which are in line with the Material Design docs.


The highly-rumoured codename for the next Android version, Lemon Meringue Pie, makes a second appearance with the updated version of Google Play Services that gets a bump from v5.0 to v6.0.

However, it is ascertained that the bump in version numbers could just be a typo as it seems the current version (5.0.89) reads the same minor and patch versions as the new one (6.0.89).