Nexus 5X yellow screen
Comparison of screens on Nexus 5X replacement model (to the left) and the one which was originally purchased Reddit

A number of Nexus 5X users have reported on the Reddit forum that the screen of their device turns quite yellowish. The issue is not new to Nexus users as even LG's previous Nexus iterations - Nexus 4 and 5 - had the same problem.

"I just got my 5X as well and the screen is very yellow. Also I notice that it seems noticeably slower than the Nexus 5 in a lot of things, such as loading web pages, starting apps. Well basically everything I tried is a good second or so faster on the Nexus 5," notes a Redditor.

It is unclear how many units are affected by the yellow screen issue. Users have even posted photos comparing the screen of the Nexus 5X, 5 and 4. Although there is no official acknowledgement so far either from Google or the manufacturer LG, users who reached out to Google customer care for replacement have confirmed receiving a new unit.

Users are advised to consider waiting for a few days and check if the yellow screen issue still persists. In the case of Nexus 5, the colour seemed to have fixed itself within a few days. Last year's OnePlus One had the same problem. Its manufacturer said the issue was related to the screen's temperature.