Nexus 8 Powered by Tegra Processor Coming to Google I/O
Nexus 8 Powered by Tegra Processor Coming to Google I/O Miguel Cruz

Fresh details of the Volantis / Flounder device aka Nexus 8 emerge online via leaked Android source code, following the recent appearance of a leaked image of Nexus 10 tablet on the Google I/O site which was mistakenly believed to be the Nexus 8.

According to Myce, the newly leaked information pertaining to the Nexus 8 confirms that its processor will be Tegra based and feature either a 32-bit or 64-bit Nvidia Tegra ARM CPU.

Nexus 8 Powered by Tegra Processor Coming to Google I/O
Nexus 8 Powered by Tegra Processor Coming to Google I/O

Though the leaked changelog points to 32-bit and 64-bit variants of the Tegra ARM CPU, it is widely expected that Flounder aka Nexus 8 will run the upcoming 64-bit version of Android and hence the device is likely to feature a 64-bit Tegra processor and not a 32-bit variant.

Android developers are reportedly busy in laying the foundation for 64-bit support in Android, while Google is stripping off any information related to Volantis/Flounder from the company's developer sites and I/O site to protect production information from the public.

An entry in the Android source code apparently reiterates Google's stance in protecting developer information, as one developer writes:

This should not have gone into aosp (Android Open Source Project – red) external/{libpcap,tcpdump} have only been updated in klp-volantis-dev and downstream.

There seems to be another entry in the source code that describes the plight of developers in logging items using a new method, as another developer writes:

It will likely be removed post-Volantis release. It all stems from our ecosystem being cowardly comparatively. We have to support vendors that insist on deploying with the kernel logger, especially if they are retaining older kernels, do not want to disable the kernel logger for fear of change, and mixing them with later releases of the frameworks.

The gTest I developed, I got pushback from test, security team and OEM-centric team members for making it an *error* that both loggers are deployed even though only one is being utilized. Apparently it is no ones responsibility to construct a CTS test that tells a vendor that they are being wasteful ... I am braver than that, but I must listen to the voices from the team.

If there is any truth to the rumours and leaks, the long-awaited Nexus 8 tablet might actually see the daylight at upcoming Google I/O conference from 25 June through 26 June.