HTC manufactured, Google's new 8.9in Nexus tablet is now available for purchase from O2 UK.

You can buy the tablet via 'Pay monthly' or 'Pay & Go plan'. Those who wish to buy the SIM free Nexus 9 through 'Pay & Go' will have to pay a total of £459.99. And for those who wish to go for Pay Monthly, O2 is offering a bunch of price deals with 4G data plans. You can pick any of the tariffs according to your choice for the Nexus 9.

These tariffs range from an upfront payment of £0 to £459.99. One such deal comes with £0 upfront and £44 per month with 8GB data supporting 4G speed for 24 months. Head over here to check out the tariffs under the Pay & Go plan for the Nexus 9.

Other UK retailers

Clove UK has also confirmed that it will stock the unlocked and SIM free Nexus 9 model, but are yet to make official the price and availability of the product.

Expansys UK is selling the 16 and 32GB Nexus 9 in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + LTE variants in both Indigo Black and Lunar White colours. The 16GB Wi-Fi model costs £319.99 whereas the 32GB model with Wi-Fi connectivity is just £70 more. But the Wi-Fi + LTE variant is available at the suggested retail price of £449.99.

Besides, Unlocked Mobiles is charging £349 for a 16GB Wi-Fi Nexus 9 model. Check out the links below to buy your Nexus 9 with the best tariff.

Buy Nexus 9 via O2 UK

Buy Nexus 9 via Clove UK

Buy Nexus 9 via Unlocked Mobiles

Buy Nexus 9 16GB Wi-Fi via Expansys

Buy Nexus 9 32GB Wi-Fi via Expansys

Buy Nexus 9 Wi-Fi + LTE via Expansys