Recently unveiled Google flagship tablet, the Nexus 9, has reportedly outperformed the Apple iPhone 6 in the latest GeekBench 3 test conducted by primatelabs.

According to the benchmark report, Nexus 9 (aka HTC Volantis) outruns Apple's flagship phone in single-core processor performance with a score of 1903 points, while also beating top Android devices including the Note 4 (1112.67 points) in the Geekbench test.

However, in the multi-core performance test, the Galaxy Note 4 gets ahead of the Nexus 9 with a whopping score of 3259.67 points against the latter's 3166 points.

With a desktop-grade configuration comprising of Nvidia's 64-bit Tegra K1, the Nexus 9 boasts a dual-core chip with two big Nvidia Denver CPU cores and a Kepler GPU with 192 shader cores.

Such power-packed hardware clearly doubles the Nexus 9 CPU performance in comparison to top Android devices such as the Galaxy Note 4, while it is not yet clear why Google's flagship tablet lags behind the Note 4 in the multi-core CPU benchmark by a slender margin.

Despite the Nexus 9 being officially unveiled with a stock processor speed of 2.3GHz, it appears that the GeekBench test has pushed the Tegra K1 chipset to its limits with a recorded clock speed of 2.5GHz which means the chip might indeed be overclocked.

This leaves us with the notion that Nexus 9 has an undue advantage of overclocking and hence the benchmark results should be viewed with discretion.

Take a look at the Nexus 9 performance across each of the tests in Geekbench in the screenshots below:

Nexus 9 Outperforms Apple iPhone 6 in GeekBench Test