Pakistan's famous actress, Mehwish Hayat, had the internet on fire after she shared a photo with Nick Jonas on her Instagram. A few eyebrows were raised but mostly, the snap triggered memes aimed at Jonas' wife, Priyanka Chopra, whom Hayat recently criticised in an opinion piece.

Hayat did not waste the opportunity to have her picture taken with Jonas when she bumped into him at the US Open Men's semi-finals at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York on Saturday. In her post, she mentioned that she and the singer both agreed on rooting for tennis champ Rafael Nadal.

The photo looks harmless in itself but Twitterverse saw beyond the smiles and started creating online memes directed at Jonas' Bollywood star wife. One commented that the "Jealous" singer's smile was his way of saying that he married the wrong person.

He must be thinking he married in the wrong country

— Janaab e Aala (@Biakhalidbutt) September 7, 2019

Meanwhile, others made subtle references to Chopra's response to an audience member who vented out about her being a hypocrite during the BeautyCon summit in Los Angeles.

"I hear you. Whenever you're done venting... Got it? Done? OK, cool," and "Girl, don't yell. We're all here for love. Don't yell. Don't embarrass yourself," were Chopra's replies to the audience member.

Ask him is Priyanka done venting 😂

— Zara زارا (@Xfactor939) September 7, 2019

And when he got home, Priyanka vented to him “are you done embarrassing yourself” and he said “we’re all here for love”....

— Aisha Jamil (@aisha_jamil) September 7, 2019

Ironically, Hayat's photo with Jonas comes after she called out Chopra for her stand on the war between Pakistan and India in her opinion piece to CNN titled "The problem with Priyanka Chopra." In it, she criticised the "Quantico" star for her "jingoistic" behaviour.

"Celebrities who act as charity spokespeople should always focus on humanitarianism. Chopra -- again, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador -- should not be using her voice to legitimise a regime opposed to the values she claims to represent," Hayat wrote.

The actress referred her piece to Chopra's response during the BeautyCon summit when the audience asked her to clarify her tweet of support for the war and called her a hypocrite.

Priyanka Chopra tweeted during a time when we were this 👌🏽 close to sending nukes to one another. Instead of advocating for peace she tweeted in support of the Indian army

— Ayesha Malik (@Spishaa) August 11, 2019

Hayat called out Chopra's response, "I hear you...but I am patriotic," as a form of racism instead of patriotism.

"This makes Chopra's mistakes potentially all the more costly. Rather than use her position as a US-based celebrity to broaden what it means to be an Indian celebrity, she has fallen into the same jingoistic role that her fellow countrymen are forced to adopt at home," the actress continued.

Hayat, who was recently given the Pride of Performance award by the Prime Minister of Norway, closed her piece by expressing her interest to work with Chopra and her Indian colleagues in changing people's mindset about war and its casualties.

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