PC Nicola Hughes
PC Nicola Hughes

The funeral of murdered Manchester policewoman Nicola Hughes takes place later.

The 23-year-old was killed in a gun and grenade attack in Mottram, which also claimed the life of her colleague PC Fiona Bone.

The funeral will take place at Manchester Cathedral, attended by family, friends and colleagues. Police have urged members of the public to line the route of the cortege along the streets.

Fellow officers said the pair "exemplified the very best of British policing", while a relative of Hughes said that "she died doing a job she loved."

The funeral service will be broadcast on big screens outside the church to encourage the public to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the police.

Police spokesman Ian Hanson said: "We do a difficult job, we do a dangerous job and people respect the job that is done, and perhaps sometimes we lose sight of that, but what has happened in recent weeks is the support of the community has polarised and it has got behind GMP.

"What I would like to see over the next few days is that everybody come to the city centre and stand shoulder to shoulder."

One-eyed former fugitive Dale Cregan has been charged with the murders of both both Hughes and Bone, as well as two other murders.