A jilted Nigerian woman has been sent to prison for pouring hot oil on her boyfriend after he refused to marry her.

Victoria Alonge, 25, from Lagos, was given a one-year sentence and ordered to pay a fine after being found guilty of grievous bodily harm at Karu Senior Magistrates' Court.

According to prosecutors, Alonge went to Nna's house at about 4:30 a.m. on 11 August and poured hot oil on him while he slept.

Nna suffered survive burns as a result of the attack. He immediately reported the assault to police and his former girlfriend was arrested.

According to officers, Alonge admitted to carrying out the crime while in custody and also threatened to inflict more harm on the victim.

During the trial Alonge told the court that her estranged lover dated her for over four years and promised to marry her, only to later change his mind after falling in love with another women in the country's capital of Abuja.

She said: "I did that to teach him a bitter lesson because he refused to marry me after dating me for over four years.

"He fooled me and my parents and ditched me after finding a new lover here in Abuja. I live in Lagos with my parents."

The prosecutor had urged the court to swiftly punish the accused because she did not deny the charge brought against her and had shown no remorse for her actions.