Flappy Bird
.Gears Studio

Right now Flappy Bird is the biggest and most talked about game on the planet.

Millions who have downloaded it have become addicted, and as its popularity increases the only logical conclusion to come to is that it will enslave us all.

If you are worried about becoming addicted to the game, then fear no more! Here are nine real-world alternatives to playing Flappy Bird that are much more fun.

Punch a grizzly bear in the face

Grizzly Bear

Look how punchable that face is. Stuck-up bear thinks it knows everything!

Go on holiday to Kiev


It'll be like going on theme-holiday based on the Fallout videogames.

Take a bath with a toaster

Groundhog Day
Colombia Pictures

Bill Murray approved!

Deliberately kneel on a Lego brick


How can something that brings out such imagination and joy in children, bring adults so much pain and suffering?

Ponder the insignificance of mankind in the infinite blackness of space



Watch all Michael Bay's Transformers films in one sitting

Paramount Pictures

This might be the worst suggestion of all. I've changed my mind, nobody deserves this.

See how many chilli peppers you can eat in one minute

Chilli Peppers

Delcious, delicious chilli peppers. Be sure to rub your eyes as you do it too.

Attempt to sail around the world in a swan pedalo

Swan Pedalo
Wiki Commons

I heard Freddy Flintoff attempted this once.

Insult Mike Tyson's mother to his face

Mike Tyson

I don't know Mr Tyson personally, but I assume he'd admire the gusto it would take to do this.