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Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden became a hot topic for her cleavage-baring outfits, sparking a furore among the viewers.

Furious fans had raised the issue to telly watchdog Ofcom. However, Holden has been cleared of investigation as her racy dresses "would not have exceeded most viewers' expectations."

Despite receiving hundreds of complaints, the broadcast regulator announced that there would be no probe against the BGT judge's dress sense.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said, "We carefully assessed complaints that dresses worn by judges were inappropriate for a pre-watershed audience. We recognise that the dresses had potential to offend some viewers during what is a family show.

"However, while some outfits were revealing, we considered it was appropriately scheduled and would not have exceeded most viewers' expectations," the regulators added.

Holden especially attracted criticism during the semi-finals when she wore an olive-green Julien Macdonald ensemble with a neckline running as deep as her navel. Fans not only criticised the 46-year-old's sartorial choices, but also slammed her for dressing inappropriately on a family show.

"Does Amanda Holden know this is a family show and doesn't need to dress like a stripper #BGT" a Twitter user wrote, while another fan added, "@AmandaHolden will be down to mini nipple tassels by the final! Put em away love it's a family show #BGT."

"Sorry but this dress was just too much or should I say not enough of it, my kids didn't know where to look," read the comments on the shots of her revealing gown, which Holden later shared on her Instagram account.

However, the theatre star wore another halter-neck dress, showing off some major skin the following day. This time it was a former Tory politician, who tore into Holden's fashion choices and compared her style to that of a porn star.

"Britain's Got Talent, which airs at 7.30pm, nearly two hours before the watershed, is a family show, full of fun and innocence from Pudsey the dog to magicians to shadow acts to singing granddads," Ann Widdecombe said.

"Then along comes Amanda Holden looking like an actress from an X-rated movie," the former British politician wrote, calling for the BGT judge to be fired from the show.

"Children do not need to see such exposure paraded as glamour and something to emulate," said Widdecombe.

Anne Widdecombe
Ann Widdecombe slammed Amanda Holden's 'x-rated' outfits on BGT Getty