Crafty explorers in Hello Games' procedurally generated space exploration sim No Man's Sky have discovered an exploitable 'cheat' that duplicates rare items.

By using the trick, players have successfully replicated Atlas Stones - the most valuable trading item in the game - and sold them on for quick and easy credits hauls.

The ill-gotten-gains exploit could be considered game-breaking, in the sense that it tips the balancing of No Man's Sky's survival gameplay firmly into the realms of the stupidly easy (and possibly dull).

While players using the glitch have yet to report any save corruption as a result of the exploit, you may want to consider strongly before trying the trick for yourself.

The exploit essentially allows for the cloning of any items in the PS4 version of No Man's Sky, such as Warp Cells for unlimited Hyperspace jumps, but selling Atlas Stones (worth around 70k units) is a tremendously easy way of gathering enough credits for that Starship or Multi-Tool you've had your eyes on.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Here's how to perform the glitch on PS4 before it gets patched:

The exploit requires a fair amount of inventory space (find out how to expand this in our guide), but after about an hour of farming and selling you will have a serious unit tally. Get in quick, this one is likely to get patched soon.

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