Hello Games has detailed its huge day one patch for PS4 and PC space exploration game No Man's Sky, ahead of its launch this week. While the exact size of the update hasn't been confirmed, the patch notes is lengthy; describing a ton of new improvements and new features.

Players can choose a "path" to follow through the game that will impact what they see and the overall experience of No Man's Sky.

Galaxies will be up to ten times larger, creatures will be more diverse and have their own diets, the chemical make-up of atmospheres will create more varied skies and the number of inventory slots has been raised.

The full list was posted on the Hello Games website but studio head and creative director Sean Murray, who warned against reading the entire patch notes if players wanted to go into the anticipated game completely fresh and spoiler-free.

"We're under a pretty intense spotlight right now, and hopefully it's easy to imagine how hard it would be to switch off from that, or how deeply we care about people's first impression of the game," read the post. "In fact most of us were back here the day after we went gold, working on this update. We're already proud of what we put on a disk, but if we had time, why not continue to update it?"

No Man's Sky launches 9 August in North America and 10 August elsewhere on PS4 and on 12 August worldwide on PC. The game sets players loose in a procedurallygenerated universe consisting of some 16 quintillion planets filled with wildlife and plants to also be discovered.

Here's the complete patch notes...

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