After its untimely exit from the smartphone market, Nokia has been reintroduced by HMD Global as an Android OEM. So far, it has consistently released smartphones for all three categories: Entry-level, mid-range, and high-end. The brand's global recognition makes it easier to market in certain markets which is why Streamview has been awarded the license to sell its Streaming Box 8000 under the Nokia banner. This might be the first of many electronics that will have the iconic branding.

The official website posted a statement that reads: "StreamView is a licensee of the Nokia brand for Smart TVs, Set-Top-Boxes and DAB+ radios for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our head office is strategically located in Austria in the very heart of Europe. With a highly qualified and experienced team, we design, develop and manufacture Nokia branded state-of-the-art products that provide access to new and better experiences every day.

"We help people to adapt to smart things surrounding them and provide easy solutions to adopt the smart world. We build products that carry the Nokia legacy and we bring this legacy into new product categories." The Streaming Box 8000 is your typical Android TV set-top box which allows users to enjoy Smart TV features on their regular televisions.

From a design standpoint, the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 looks like a typical media streaming device that comes in a minimalistic form factor. Sources who know more about this tie-in claim that it is practically just a rebranded model from SEI Robotics. The device is equipped with an Amlogic S905X3 chipset and runs on Android 10.

It can purportedly output at 4K resolution and include ports such HDMI, USB-A, USB-C, optical audio, and Ethernet. What many found interesting is the inclusion of a full-size remote with dedicated buttons for popular streaming services. There's Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Another button is assigned for Google Play, which is where users can download compatible apps.

Unlike other multimedia streaming operating systems, Android TV is somewhat a barebones approach. Nonetheless, sources claim that the developers might soon update it to the latest Google TV platform, which launched alongside the new Chromecast. The Nokia Streaming Box 8000 will reportedly retail for around $120.

Nokia 7 and 8 are the next devices to join Nokia's Android smartphone portfolio Reuters