Brad Pitt is putting rumours to bed about his dating life, and says none of those stories linking him with different women is true.

The "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" star blatantly denied the dating rumours in a recent interview about the new Quentin Tarantino movie. He revealed that he does not even read stories about his private life so he does not know how many women the tabloids have linked him with.

"I don't know how many women they've said I've been dating the last two or three years and none of it's true," Pitt told The New York Times and added, "I just flashed on something, but maybe it doesn't mean anything."

The father of six shared that he "stopped reading all press about 2004" and this does not just involve movie reviews but also any magazines, even those found in the doctor's office.

"Because some of it would bounce around like a rat in the skull. It would stay there, and it would inform some of my decisions and choices in work, in life, and I didn't find any of it helpful," he explained.

Pitt said that he does not go out of his way to avoid the tabloid stories or the rumours. He just does not seek them out.

The "Ad Astra" actor shared that his past experience taught him not to be bothered by whatever is written about him, whether they are true or false, bad or good. For him, they are not worth worrying much about. Pitt recalled being "pretty pleased" with himself when he landed on the front cover of USA Today when he first started out in the industry.

However, two days after the publication came out, he went to a mutual friend's house and saw the magazine in the kitchen. It was not on the kitchen counter or on the table. Instead, it was inside a cat litter box with a cat turd on top of it.

"That pretty much defines it," Pitt said.

The actor has been linked with several women following his divorce from Angelina Jolie in 2016. They are either past or current co-stars, MIT professor Neri Oxman, and jewellery designer Sat Hari Khalsa. Recently, he was photographed on several occasions with actress Alia Shawkat, which also prompted the dating rumours.

Brad Pitt
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