Kim Jong-un walks without stick
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un was spotted walking without the use of a stick at an army meeting in Pyongyang Reuters/ KCNA

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un is walking again without the use of a stick.

The country's official newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published pictures of the leader attending an army meeting in Pyongyang without a cane, suggesting the leader has recovered from either an injury or a surgical operation to his left leg.

The images show Kim walking to a chair in front of a crowd of soldiers to take a picture. Another picture shows him standing and clapping his hands.

The pictures were published after Kim was seen in public at least twice walking with a stick, following a prolonged period of absence from the media, leading to speculations that he could have had health problems.

Before his absence from the public eye, the leader was spotted walking with a pronounced limp.

According to South Korean intelligence, the leader had developed a cyst on his left ankle.

It is that a team of international doctors flew to North Korea in October or November to operate the leader.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un
North Korea's Kim Jong-un makes another appearance with walking stick Rodong Sinmun/KCNA