North Korea ramps up anti-Ebola measures
North Korea ramps up anti-Ebola measures Getty

North Korea is said to be intensifying its efforts to prevent any Ebola outbreak in the isolated country.

Those arriving from Ebola-stricken West African countries are being taken to separate locations for medical examination, according to local reports.

Special medical facilities are also believed to have been set up at a few places including Sinuiju, according to the pro-North Korean daily Choson Sinbo which is run in Japan.

Besides, an emergency prevention centre has been established.

Foreign diplomats and international aid workers who will be staying in the country for at least 21 days are screened.

During their stay, the report said, they are not permitted to go outside their residential facilities so as to avoid contact with the public.

"These measures were introduced as the Ebola virus is spreading outside of Africa to the US and West Europe. The national emergency disease preventive committee is making utmost efforts to fight the penetration of Ebola, which has not reached the country yet," top North Korean health official Pak Myong-su was quoted as saying.