Court sketch artist
A judge in Northern Ireland judge has meted out a bizarre punishment for a 16-year-old cannabis smoker Getty

A judge in Northern Ireland proved the law is a black and white issue after meting out poetic justice, ordering a budding teenage artist who was caught smoking cannabis to draw him and solicitors.

The 16 year old appeared at Londonderry Magistrates' Court after he failed a drugs test on Wednesday (22 July).

But when it came to punishing the suspected spliff-smoker, district judge Barney McElholm handed down what could be considered a sketchy punishment.

Instructing the teenager to arrive at court with a sketch pad and pencil, McElholm said he must attend court for two hours a day for three days and draw the judge and solicitors.

"You can draw me and the solicitors for two hours each day. Only me and the solicitors, and I will review the matter on Wednesday," McElholm said, according to BBC Northern Ireland.

Taking into consideration his confession for the cannabis offence, the judge warned "If you look stoned you will be arrested".