SIDS baby death
A Minnesota nursery worker intentionally hung a 16-month-old baby in her day care [Representational photo] Istock

A Minnesota nursery worker hung a 16-month-old baby deliberately in her day care, but luckily the baby boy was rescued by another parent, who had come to the day care centre to drop a different child, police said.

The toddler was immediately provided with medical care and was 'doing fine'. It was reported that at the time of the incident not more than six children were present in the care centre.

According to reports, after being caught red-handed, the accused nanny fled in her minivan. She also hit two people on her way and tried to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, but was saved by bystanders.

It is not clear why the nursery worker did the same as police have not yet released any possible motive behind the inhuman behaviour. Police also refused to give her name and identity.

Minneapolis Assistant Police Chief Kris Arneson, who is an investigating member of the case, said that the woman is now being examined at a local hospital.

"It's horrific, horrific. We never want children to be injured. That's part of reason we call in our chaplains. It's a horrific scene for officers to encounter," Arneson said.

She added that the victims of the accident were also admitted to hospital. One of the accident sufferers, who was dragged for several blocks, has broken bones, Arneson said.

Six investigators including Arneson and detectives from the homicide and crimes against children units are working on this case, the BBC reported.