Nvidia Shield
Nvidia's yet-to-be-launched next-gen device is expected to feature the company's Tegra K1 mobile processor. nvidia.com

Gaming GPU manufacturer Nvidia will reportedly launch a standalone Android gaming device, which people can use to play both high-end Android as well as computer games.

According to a BBC report, users can expect the device to offer game streaming capabilities, similar to the company's earlier Nvidia Shield handheld gaming console.

The BBC report also states that Nvidia's new handheld will incorporate the company's latest Tegra K1 processor, which should offer native Android game support.

The Nvidia Tegra K1 mobile processor embeds within it a CPU that follows ARM architecture; and a GPU (Nvidia Kepler GPU) with 192-cores. Nvidia Tegra K1 was displayed at the Google I/O Developers Conference earlier this year.

Nvidia's speculated handheld Android console is also expected to feature an exclusive 'low-cost' controller, to stream PC games to a larger display via HDMI interface.

Apart from running native Android games, Nvidia's speculated new gaming handheld will also run PC games via the Nvidia Geforce Experience platform. This aspect should make optimal usage of the 192-core GPU that the Tegra K1 mobile processor embeds within.

Nvidia's next gaming device (successor of The Shield) has been a subject of intense rumours of late, with reports claiming that the company's Shield successor will be a tablet.

A design of the supposed next-gen Shield controller also appeared at the FCC recently.