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With the "Octopath Traveler II" release date fast approaching, interest in the upcoming role-play game developed by Square Enix and Acquire is starting to pick up. "Octopath Traveler 2" will feature the same HD-2D art style as the original game but it will introduce eight new characters, which means eight new stories for players to explore.

'Octopath Traveler 2' release date

"Octopath Traveler II" is set for launch on February 24, 2023. It will be launched simultaneously for all regions unlike the "Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent," which was launched in Japan first before arriving in other regions.

"Octopath Traveler II" will be launched on multiple gaming platforms including the Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC. While no announcement about its launch for Xbox consoles has yet been made, GameSpot is not ruling out the possibility of its launch to the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One considering that the original "Octopath Traveler" also made its way to Xbox One.

'Octopath Traveler 2' gameplay, plot

"Octopath Traveler II" let players experience the game through eight different characters. Each with its own questlines and goals though their stories intertwine throughout the overarching storyline. The upcoming game is still set in the world of Solistia just like its predecessor but in modern times.

"Octopath Traveler 2" shares similarities to the original game in terms of gameplay. Playable characters weave their connections with various via path action instructions. Battling enemies are likewise turn-based just like in the previous game.

The sequel, however, will introduce a few changes. There will be a brand-new day/night cycle that influences the characters' patch action. For instance, Hikari can only combat other characters during the day but can only pay someone to give him information at night. In terms of combat, Octopath Traveler II introduces a new system of latent capabilities that lets players gather energy throughout a battle and unleash powerful attacks or abilities when the gauge is full.

'Octopath Traveler 2' Prologue demo

Meanwhile, players can now get their hands on the "Octopath Traveler 2" Prologue demo on Steam. It features all eight playable characters and allows gamers to play the title for three hours but only within the starting area.