Microchipped office workers are ‘very 2015’ IBTimes UK

A new study has found that office workers waste 15 minutes a day waiting in lift lobbies as old systems struggle with new working patterns. The study by John Newbold of building consultancy, SVM Associates, found that for trips of six floors or fewer, it is better to take the stairs.

Newbold said that lift systems are not designed for new working patterns and the lost time can be "costly": "The average wait should be under 25 seconds, so if it takes 60 seconds, as often happens, then this can account for more than 400 lost hours in a working week in a large office."

He also said that lifts use up to 35% more energy than their manufacturers claim – consuming up to 8% of energy in an office building. The study was produced along with StepJockey, an app that incentivises taking the stairs.

Though, the research was criticised by Neil Pennel, the chairman of the technical committee of the British Council for Offices and editor of its guide to lift specifications, in the Sunday Times. Pennel said that issues with waiting times are down to companies overstuffing buildings.

"If a building is used outside its original design parameters then it's incumbent on the occupiers to enhance the lift solution," said Pennel.