Emily Pomeranz
Emily Pomeranz, who was suffering from pancreatic cancer, had a craving for mocha shake from her hometown diner Facebook

An Ohio restaurant has helped make a dying woman's last wish come true by shipping her favourite milkshake to her deathbed hundreds of miles away.

Emily Pomeranz, who had pancreatic cancer and was in a hospice near Washington DC, had a craving for mocha shake from her hometown in Ohio.

So when her long-time friend Sam Klein asked her if she was going to miss anything in terms of food, Pomeranz instantly replied: "What I would do right now for a Tommy's mocha milkshake."

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Klein said that he contacted the general information email address for the restaurant and a few days later he got a call from Tommy Fello – the owner of Tommy's from where Pomeranz wanted her favourite shake, the BBC reported.

"'Yes. We will figure out a way to do this,' is what he said," Klein said in a Facebook post.

Fello said that over the 47 years of his restaurant service, he has served thousands of milkshakes, but none as meaningful as this one mocha shake. "This was my first request like this," the restaurant owner told Cleveland's Fox 8 News.

He wasn't sure if he would be able to make it happen, Fello said, but after pulling together dry ice donated by an ice cream company, packaging a frozen shake and paying $123 (£93) for overnight shipping 370 miles (600km) across the country, he did accomplish the task.

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"Seeing her in that picture was just something else, I'll tell ya. What a reward. I was so happy it worked. I wasn't sure how it was going to work, and Sam called me and said it worked. We called it the 'Milkshake Mission' or something like that, 'Mission Impossible,'" Fello said after receiving a smiling picture of the 50-year-old from the hospice room in Arlington, Virginia.

Pomeranz, who died on Friday (28 July), was elated to sip her favourite shake, but she was also happy that the viral Facebook post made so many people smile, Klein said.

"She got a lot of momentum out of not only being able to enjoy something as special as a childhood nostalgic milkshake but the fact so many people were smiling about her.

"A lot of people have said 'this made me feel good' and I know Emily would love the fact that she's making people feel good even though she's not here with us anymore," he added.