A man found £11,000 worth of cocaine inside a tub of Nesquik milkshake powder he bought in a supermarket.

The unwitting shopper purchased the milkshake from a supermarket in Zaragoza in north-east Spain.

He recounted how, when he went home he noticed the lid of the large tub had been tampered with. On opening it he found a 250g packet of the class A drug stashed in the chocolate powder, reports El Mundo.

The shopper, who has not been named, took the tub to the police who confirmed the substance was cocaine and was worth an estimated £11k.

Investigators suspect the dealer stashed the drug inside the instant milkshake at the supermarket, however CCTV cameras in the store were not pointed towards the Nesquik aisle, Metro reports.

While police await results of fingerprints found on the packet, the shopper announced he intends to sue the supermarket after he was mocked in the national media following the incident.

He claimed that the media coverage has caused him 'moral damage' and he now fears he may be targeted by drug traffickers.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been finding the funny side of the story.