Couple Andrew Nason and Julie Caster Held on Rck
Couple Andrew Nason and Julie Caster held on reckless homicide charges

A woman who cared for 20 cats has been mauled to death by two neighbourhood dogs in Ohio.

The lacerated body of Klonda Richey, 57, was found naked in Bruce Avenue, Dayton, at 8.15am on Friday after two mixed-breed bullmastiffs attacked her.

The animals, which tore Richey's coat off during the attack, were put down after they charged responding police officers.

Klonda Richey with former Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Rob Scott
Klonda Richey with former Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Rob Scott in April 2013 in Dayton Courtesy of Rob Scott

Police have arrested Andrew Nason, 28, and Julie Caster, 23, pending a formal charge of reckless homicide.

WDTN reported that Custer, a Wright State University nursing graduate and mother, is the registered owner of the dogs.

It is believed Richey complained at least six times about the dogs before she died but authorities said they were never able to find the dogs.

The Montgomery County Coroner's Office said the results of the autopsy will be released on Monday.

Richey's body is being held for further testing, according to Dayton Daily News.

Richey owned and cared for at least 20 cats and worked as a part-time supply clerk at Montgomery County Job & Family Services Administration Services Division for 25 years.

Her family and friends described her as a caring person, and said they were shocked at the news of her death.

Custer wrote about her dog on Facebook as being her \'right hand man!\' Facebook

Colleague Ann Stevens said: "It's so ironic that this devout animal lover would be killed by animals in such a brutal, aggressive way.

"Every conversation I had with Klonda included cats - she was very passionate about animals and their wellbeing and because of that she always had a special place in my heart."

Rob Scott, former chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, met Richey when he became chairman of the party in April 2012. She was an active party volunteer, according to Dayton Daily News, and campaigned for Mitt Romney.

Scott said: "She was always smiling and upbeat and positive, I never heard her say one negative thing about anyone. She always looked on the positive side of life."