A woman allegedly filmed performing sex acts on a dog has become the first person to be charged under a new bestiality law in Warren, Ohio. Police have issued a warrant for Amber Finney after a video of her apparently behaving obscenely with a dog went viral.

Finney, whose Facebook account shows a number of pictures of dogs, is reported to have promised police she will hand herself in when she returns from out of town next week.

Detective Nick Carney, who spoke with Finney, said: "She said it's fake but for everyone else who has seen the footage it's clear as day that it's not a fake video." Carney also warned that bestiaility was on the rise across the state.

It is treated as a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and incarceration in a local county jail.

One couple reacted with disgust on Finney's Facebook page. Users Sommer and Anthony Holder wrote: "What a sick twisted psycho b***h how sick can you be do go that low and be a pig and whatever else on an animal ??? Really ur that DESPERATE that u can't get any other sexual pleasure from a human u have to go to animals to get it sick b***h."

A collection of photos of dogs and even one of a cat can be seen on Finney's Facebook account. One picture of a pitbull is accompanied by the caption: "This is Rocko he is a pit mix free for a good home."

In 2016 Warren became the first city in Ohio to outlaw bestiality, according to WKBN. The law was implemented after a man was caught having sex with two dogs over a period of six years but could only be charged with animal cruelty.

A local news channel handed the alleged footage of Finney to police after it trended on social media.

Amber Finney dog
Amber Finney Rocko
Amber Finney dogs
A collection of dog pictures filed by Amber Finney on Facebook