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Rosneft said the fire had not slowed output Reuters

A fire at the Angarsk refinery run by Russian state oil firm Rosneft has killed one worker, the company said on Friday, adding that output had not been effected.

"At 0955 (1455 local time) the fire was put out...the work of the enterprise has not been suspended, output has been carried out as planned," Rosneft said in a statement.

The fire broke out at a pipeline which was under maintenance at the east Siberia oilfield, the company said, adding that it was investigating the incident.

The Angarsk refinery was commissioned in 1955 and acquired by Rosneft in May 2007. The refinery ranks among the largest Russian oil processing plants and is a major petroleum product supplier in Siberia and the Far East.

State-controlled Rosneft, run by Putin ally Igor Sechin, has borne the brunt of Western sanctions imposed a year ago over the Ukraine conflict.