A one-eyed killer, who knifed to death a man he had just met with an ornamental "vampire skull" fantasy sword, stabbing him more than 100 times, has been jailed for life.

Adrian Hynd carried out the "frenzied attack" at his flat in Kirkcaldy, Fife, leaving Alex Forbes dead with the ornamental knife embedded in his chest.

The 52-year-old will serve a minimum of 18 years for killing the 25-year-old Forbes after being jailed at the High Court in Glasgow, despite claiming he acted in self-defence.

Forbes, from Edinburgh, had met Star Trek fan Hynd in Kirkcaldy's Windsor Bar just hours earlier and went back to his killer's flat with two other men.

BBC News reported that the jury heard how Forbes had earlier been acting aggressively, showing off his "gunshot wounds" and boasting of his connections to a well-known Edinburgh family.

The pair were said to have had a mock fight and by 3.45am on 2 January the other men left, leaving Hynd alone with Forbes, a court in Edinburgh heard.

At some point after they left, Hynd, who has a glass eye, grabbed his victim by the neck and punched and stabbed him in the abdomen, buttocks, lower back and thighs.

Forbes, from Edinburgh, sustained 10 wounds on his face, head and neck leaving the weapon still stuck in his chest. The court heard how police discovered blood on the walls, floors, and radiators of the property with Hynd having blood "dripping from him".

In his sentencing statement judge Lord Ericht said according to The Sun: "You invited various people you had just met back to your house after the pub.

"The next morning, Alexander Forbes lay dead on your living-room floor, your ornamental collector's sword embedded in his chest. The jury rejected self-defence. You committed a brutal, bloody murder."

Hynd claimed he struck Forbes after he was attacked with the sword first. Defending, Mark Stewart QC, said his client had injuries "consistent" with him also being attacked.