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OnePlus 2: How to set up or fix fingerprint sensor for first use OnePlus

OnePlus 2 users are in for some good news, as it is now possible to quickly set up the phone's fingerprint sensor for first use with the help of a simple guide.

It is ascertained that the OnePlus 2 sensor works absolutely fine, with the exception of initial hassles while setting up the device's fingerprint sensor for first use.

The OnePlus team has recommended that users follow a pre-defined procedure in order to correctly set up the device's fingerprint sensor for the first time.

Steps to set up or fix fingerprint sensor for first use

Step 1: Register your Gmail account while setting up your OnePlus 2 for first use as adding the Google ID later on seems to have issues with the fingerprint sensor.

Step 2: In case you forgot to add your Gmail account during the fingerprint setup, you need to do that after performing a factory reset on your OnePlus 2.

Step 3: Here is how you factory reset your phone:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Find the option 'Backup and reset'. Tap on it.
  • Choose Reset, and continue. Your OnePlus 2 will start and reboot automatically after wiping off all data.

Step 4: After the factory reset is done, just run the device setup again to configure the settings for fingerprint sensor and also don't forget to add your Gmail login credentials this time.

Step 5: You should now be able to successfully register your fingerprint and map it or link it with your Gmail account.

[Source: Android Soul]