Avid Android custom ROM users may sometimes end up bricking their device in their attempt to flash a beta ROM or while trying to root and install some custom recovery tool on their most cherished smartphone.

If you somehow accidentally bricked your phone, you can still unbrick the device manually, using the step-by-step guide posted below.

The procedure basically involves flashing the right partition images back on your OnePlus 2 via recovery mode, after ensuring that the correct USB drivers for your phone are installed on the computer.

With due credit to XDA member qwsdert4, it is now possible to unbrick your OnePlus 2 in simple steps as outlined below.

IBTimes UK reminds readers it will not be held responsible for any damage to device, during or after the unbricking process. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.

Downloads Required

Note: This procedure is intended to work on OnePlus 2 smartphones only. Do not attempt this on any other model, as it may permanently damage the device. Go to Settings > About device to verify the model name and model number of your device.

This method uses a minimal version of restore package, which does not wipe user data and guarantees a recovery entry for future needs.

Step-by-step guide to unbrick OnePlus 2

Step 1: Download and extract the recovery package into a separate folder on your PC via winzip or 7-zip. One of the extracted files should be "recovery.img", which is in Chinese. So, just rename this file to recovery-chinese.img (from recovery.img).

Step 2: Now, download the OnePlus2-en.img file from the above link and rename it as "recovery.img", and then transfer it to the same folder which has recovery-chinese.img. So, the normal recovery file will replace the chinese version in the recovery tools folder.

Step 3: Then disable the 'Driver Signature Enforcement' check on your PC as follows: Restart your PC by clicking on Restart button while still holding the Shift key. In the ensuing window, choose Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Start Settings and finally hit Restart. Choose option 7 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement' using the appropriate key displayed on the screen and let PC restart thereafter.

Step 4: Extract the driver file you downloaded earlier.

Step 5: Now, connect your OnePlus 2 to PC via USB cable. Launch device manager and navigate to item name: 'QUALCOMM-HS USB Diagnostics 9006', which is actually your OnePlus 2.

Step 6: Right click on the Qualcomm entry, and select Update Driver. Hit Browse button and navigate to the folder where you extracted the driver. Then click on 'Next' button. At this moment, Windows will find and install the drivers for your phone via the mtk-drivers folder.

Step 7: After installing the drivers, go to folder where you have the recovery file's contents, and run the file MSM8994DownloadTool.exe, using Administrator privileges.

Step 8: Disable or uncheck the 'Start' option in the top left corner and wait until the processing is done.

Step 9: Your OnePlus 2 should now be able to enter recovery mode via TWRP recovery.

Step 10: Now download the Oxygen OS 2.0 and install it using TWRP recovery. To do this, first boot the OnePlus 2 into recovery mode, and then connect it to PC to transfer the Oxygen OS 2.0 zip file.

Step 11: Click the Install option on main screen of TWRP, and then browse and select the Oxygen OS 2.0 zip file. Perform a swipe gesture on next screen to initiate the installation, and the Oxygen OS 2.0 will be installed on your device. Tap 'Reboot system' button to restart the device.

That's it. Your OnePlus 2 should now be fully functional and ready for use.

[Source: XDA]