OnePlus One owners can now enjoy Qualcomm's native encryption feature alongside Android's standard AOSP encryption, and credit is due to Team Win developers for releasing the latest build of TWRP software.

Qualcomm's native encryption support gains precedence over traditional encryption methods, as it offers better performance in comparison to Google's AOSP encryption on the same hardware, according to Team Win developer Ethan 'Dees Troy' Yonker, and some cited benchmarks.

Qualcomm's hardware encryption method offers about 30% faster read-write speeds over Android's software encryption, though it still underperforms in contrast to unencrypted flash storage, reports Android Police.

Now the good news is that Google is apparently working on adding support to Qualcomm's encryption mechanism in future Android updates, as is evident in some of the code commits between Android 5.0 and Android 5.1.

It is ascertained that the latest TWRP builds for OnePlus One are designed specifically to support decryption of all current CyanogenMod and Oxygen OS releases.

All CyanogenMod builds released and/or flashed after January 2015 will support Qualcomm's native encryption method, while Oxygen OS offers no such privilege.

Nevertheless, interested OnePlus One owners can go ahead and install the latest build of TWRP recovery from here.