OnePlus One
OnePlus One users in India will continue receiving OTA updates for Cyanogen OS OnePlus

OnePlus has officially confirmed via its India blog site that OnePlus One users in India would continue receiving Cyanogen OTA updates, following the company's recent legal settlement with Micromax.

Micromax and OnePlus were reportedly involved in a legal battle concerning the Cyanogen branding issue that violated the former's exclusive agreement to use the OS in India.

Consequently, the sale of OnePlus One handsets was banned in India and the ban was lifted in January. After the ban was revoked, OnePlus kept its promise by releasing its own Android substitute for Cyanogen, the Oxygen OS, to OnePlus One users in the rest of the world, barring India.

Here is what the OnePlus team had to say to its Indian fans about the continued availability of Cyanogen OTA updates in India:

[Source: OnePlus Blog India]