OnePlus, the company behind the highly sought after OnePlus One smartphone, has now announced its own set of affordable headphones.


Dubbed as the 'Silver Bullet Earphones,' these new products will be available at the start of next week, according to the announcement.

There is no information on whether they will be available for purchase on an online store or via an invite system, as was with the OnePlus One smartphone.


Staying in line with its philosophy of high quality hardware at a throw away price, the company has announced that the Silver Bullet Earphones will retail at $15.


According to the company, the Silver Bullet Earphones are touted to deliver a "powerful and immersive sound while ensuring a compact yet durable feel."

Despite their being affordable earphones, OnePlus One hasn't compromised with the material that goes into this new product, as the Silver Bullet Earphones are encased in pristine-looking brushed aluminium.

Apart from this, the earphones have their own remote for users to control playback, voice calls and even the phone's camera. However, there is no clarity on whether these functions will be exclusive to the OnePlus One, or with other Android handsets as well.

OnePlus One Pre-Order Availability

For those of you still trying to get your hands on a OnePlus One smartphone, the company will be opening up a pre-order system in October to sell handsets.