OnePlus One Flagship Killer
The OnePlus One has become one of the most talked-about smartphones of 2014 thanks to its combination of superb hardware specs and an affordable price tag.

Start up OnePlus has now released a stock Android ROM based on Android 4.4.4 for its affordable flagship smartphone, the OnePlus One. The ROM is for users who find CyanogenMod 11S a little too heavy and overwhelming.

It is worth noting that while CyanogenMod looks a lot like stock Android, it contains a plethora of customisation options that allows you to modify most aspects of your phone. The stock Android 4.4.4 ROM that was just released bears no modifications whatsoever.

For users who'd like to ditch CyanogenMod 11S and install the stock ROM, this can be done by unlocking the phone's boot loader and installing a custom recovery as well. However, in the process, users will wipe the internal memory of the handset.

The good news is that, unlike with other manufacturers, flashing the ROM with a OnePlus One will not void the warranty of the device.

However, according to a report from CultofAndroid, it is not "completely bug free and has a couple of issues with the gyroscope not working properly on all devices and VPN and encryption being completely broken."

Apart from this, there aren't any other reported issues with the ROM. However, there could be other undiscovered issues with it as well. Owing to this, OnePlus will be working on collecting feedback from its users so as to fix the ROM and offer 100% stability.

Interested in getting the stock Android 4.4.4 ROM for your OnePlus One smartphone? You can find it here.