A shopper has been left red-faced after causing thousands of pounds' worth of damage in a matter of seconds at an electronic shop in Cornwall. CCTV footage shows the shopper browsing flat screen TVs at the Woolacotts store in St Austell.

While crouching down to look one screen, the man accidently knocks over one, which immediately causes a domino effect and pushes over another TV behind it.

As he steps back in shock, he also knocks over two more, causing around £5,000 ($6,100) worth of damage in less than five seconds.

The electronics store uploaded the footage of the accident onto their social media pages along with the caption: "If you think you're having a bad day, spare a thought for this poor customer at our St. Austell store."

Luckily, it does not appear that the customer will have to pay for the damages himself. Mike Collins, assistant manager of the store, told MailOnline: "It was very shocking and it's obviously not very good we've lost so much stock.

"The TVs are covered by insurance and we have now sent them back for repair to find out what's wrong with them and what damage has been caused. They are a lot of money, more than £1,000 each."

"Most of the damage was to the TV screens, while the stands weren't too bad. Impact damage to the TV screens is catastrophic."