Orange Is The New Black season 3, Netflix's most popular original show, will premiere all the episodes on 12 June.

Fans can expect high drama, as Alex is back in jail, but is yet to uncover the truth that she is in prison due to her partner Piper's mistake.

"Alex has no clue. She just feels like an idiot. "What am I doing here? How did this happen?" Laura Prepon (Alex) told Entertainment weekly.

"She is so smart, I feel like somewhere deep down she might actually know. At the end of last season, Piper was the only one she told she had a gun. I feel like she might know, but doesn't actually want to believe that Piper would go so far as to ruin her life and get her back in prison," she added.

The synopsis for OITNB season 3 has not been released by the streaming company Netflix, but the trailer of the upcoming black comedy teases a love triangle between Alex, Piper and the new Australian inmate Stella.

"There's definitely a love interest, and she comes in a package of a hot, tattooed Ruby Rose," Prepon told the website. "She definitely shakes things up."

The OITNB trailer also teases a huge fight erupting between Sophia and Gloria.

While the previous season was heavy on emotions and content, the cast and show creators promise that the upcoming season will be more fun.

Netflix will release all the 13 episodes of Orange Is The New Black season 3 on Friday, 12 June. Click her to watch the episode live stream online.