The Originals season 2 finale
Will Klaus kill Hayley in The Originals pre-finale episode? TheCW

The final two episodes of The Originals season 2 will find all the Mikaelson siblings, preparing for the fight of their lives.

The pre-finale episode is titled Fire With Fire, which will air on 4 May at 8pm on the CW.

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The official synopsis of episode 21 reads as follows:

The finale episode is titled Ashes To Ashes, which will air on 11 May on The CW.

The official synopsis of episode 22 reads as follows:

The Originals finale
Klaus and his aunt Dahlia in The Originals season 2 TheCW

At the end of the last episode, Klaus is seen forming an unlikely alliance with Dahlia, as he learns her story, and realises that she is not the villain. It turns out they both have one thing in common — they have both been betrayed by their own siblings.

Klaus not only teams up with his aunt, but also agrees to kill Hayley and any of his siblings if it comes to that.

Previously, executive producer Michael Narducci teased that fans could expect a "bloody" finale as well. He said that many "characters will die, and several characters will be changed in ways that are horrifying and/or life altering."

"Nobody is safe. That includes Hayley, who will risk alienating and/or losing some of the people she loves in order to protect her child, and Cami, who returns to the fold to get Klaus back on track," warns Narducci.

Will Klaus kill Hayley? What will happen in the final two episodes? Watch The Originals to know more. The show airs on Mondays at 8pm on The CW.