With just two episodes left for the finale of The Originals season 2, fans can expect a lot of bloodshed, sacrifices and heartache, as Klaus would return as the villain after teaming up with his aunt Dahlia, in a surprising twist.

In the previous episode titled The City Beneath The Sea, we saw Elijah and Rebekah dagger Klaus and put him in a coffin, under the pretense that they were saving Hope.

Fans also saw a whole new side of Dahlia, who entered Klaus's conscience and made him realise that they have much in common, since they have similarly been betrayed by their own family.

Dahlia convinced Klaus that she is not the evil aunt he presumed her to be, and then showed him the reason why she came to take his child, Hope.

In a flashback scene, fans saw a young Freya struggle to control her magic, and Dahlia helping her with it.

According to Dahlia, the first-born witch in their family possess "devastating powers". And because of Hope's vampire and werewolf sides, she will suffer even more than Freya. Without her help, Hope's power will grow unchecked and she could end up devastating the city. Since Dahlia is herself a first-born, she is the only one who can help Hope.

However, at the end of the episode, Klaus is seen forming an unlikely alliance with Dahlia, who allows her aunt to take Hope away. And for this, Klaus agrees to kill Hayley and any of his siblings if it comes to that.

As season 2 nears its finale, here are a few consequences fans could expect to see. (Warning: Potential spoilers ahead)

Klaus in villainous mode

The current season so far showed Dahlia being the mean villain that everyine fears, but the finale will prove that Klaus will overtake her in this aspect.

In episode 21 titled Fire with Fire, fans would see the return of Klaus, who would be hell bent on taking revenge from his siblings who betrayed him.

The synopsis of the episode 21 reads as follows: "After discovering that he's been betrayed by his own siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) teams up with an unlikely ally and sets off on a warpath, hell bent on revenge."

Given the fact that Klaus agreed to kill Hayley and any of his siblings, it will be interesting to see who might be killed next.

A bloody finale

As executive producer Michael Narducci has teased fans could expect a "bloody" finale as well. He said that many "characters will die, and several characters will be changed in ways that are horrifying and/or life altering".

"Nobody is safe. That includes Hayley, who will risk alienating and/or losing some of the people she loves in order to protect her child, and Cami, who returns to the fold to get Klaus back on track," warns Narducci.

He told TV Line that when all hope is lost for the Mikaelsons, "a desperate plan, a moment of trust, a final sacrifice and a surprising twist may give the family a final shot to save themselves — or damn them for all time".

Davina as the leader of covens

It seems like the stage is being set for Davina and Vincent to rise to power as the new Josephine LaRue, leader of all the area covens. That would certainly be exciting for Davina, especially if she succeeds in resurrecting Kol in the process.

Danielle Campbell spoke about her character on the show and told Entertainment Weekly: "Davina is really ready to bring back Kol. She's going to continue to do anything and everything to [bring him back], and what she's going to find is that this is not an easy task. Kol's already been brought back, so it's a lot more difficult this time; there's not as many opportunities to do so. And the opportunity that she finds, it may or may not go her way."

Elijah plans to kill Dahlia

In next week's episode, after hearing the news that Klaus is on the loose, Elijah and Rebekah, Freya would move forward with their plan to lure Dahlia to the compound and take her down once and for all.

But Dahlia's alliance with Klaus will keep her safe, as he promised to kill anyone who comes in his way of giving away Hope to her. The season 2 has seen a close bond between Klaus and his siblings, will he ruin that by killing one of them again?

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