Rejoice Clone Club! Orphan Black returns to BBC America on 14 April for its eagerly-anticipated fourth season. Don't worry if you can't remember anything that happened in the previous one however, we've got it all covered. In honour of the upcoming new series, we recap all of the main plot points from the previous one to ease you in. Here's what went down in the sci-fi drama last time round...

Delphine becomes the 'new Rachel'

Orphan Black season 3
Delphine assumes control of the Dyad Institute following on from Rachel\'s accident BBC America

Delphine assumed Rachel's control of Dyad after she was injured by Sarah, due to a pencil being thrust into her frontal lobe, in the season two finale. Though decided with Cosima and Delphine's sisters' best interests at heart, the career trajectory caused tension between the lovers and Delphine called off the romance with Cosima in order to concentrate on work.

Orphan Black season 3
Topside\'s Ferdinand investigates the goings-on at DYAD, creating trouble for both Delphine and the Clone Club BBC America

Most of the season saw her attempt to hide Rachel's condition from Topside investigator Ferdinand, and of him getting too close to Sarah and the Clone Club. A task she managed with Sarah's help, who impersonated Rachel for his visit.

While undercover, Sarah discovered that Ferdinand took part in 'Helsinki', an assassination of six self-aware Leda clones –and that he was under Rachel's previous orders to kill more, starting with Alison. Delphine managed to learn about Ferdinand's plans through threatening the now mentally vulnerable Rachel, calling off the orders.

Later, Dr. Nealon began treating Rachel for her brain-damage with notable success, using both the advanced technology at the Dyad Institute and stimulation through painting to help her regain her ability to speak and move her hands.

Alison ran for school trustee... and became a drug dealer

Orphan Black season 3
While all the drama ensues around her, Alison Hendrix runs for school trustee and somehow becomes a hugely-successful drug dealer in the process BBC America

After disagreeing with a campaigner over policies to re-zone the school districts, Alison took it upon herself to run for school trustee. Realising that Marci Coates, her main competition in the race, had a lot of followers, Alison and her husband Donnie hatched a plan to gain votes which involved them selling drugs to mothers at the school in exchange for backing.

Seeing the positive effect it had on the campaign, they began selling drugs hidden in bars of soap, in order to make their developing business more discreet. Alison soon finds herself wanted by her drug-dealer's boss, who fortunately turned out to be her ex-boyfriend Jason. After the warm reunion, the two decide to work together to distribute her 'special' bath products using Alison mother's shop Bubbles as a front for their demanding manufacture.

Krystal is introduced

Orphan Black season 3
Meet clone number... we\'ve lost count... Krystal Goderich BBC America

Avid fans of the show will know that its not unusual for new clones to pop up every now and then and season three is no exception. The very first episode has glimpses of an unknown blonde clone, later revealed to be beauty therapist Krystal Goderich, a woman completely unaware of the conspiracy going on around her.

In exchange for their help in escaping from Dyad, Rachel (not their biggest fan) reluctantly agrees to help Sarah and Felix find 'the original'. Sarah and Felix go to Krystal's salon, where Felix poses as a customer in order to steal her wallet. There, Felix finds that Krystal is blindly investigating her attempted kidnapping from the first episode, which left him feeling guilty for not telling her the whole truth.

Krystal appears again at the end of the season, when it is revealed that Rachel/Dyad have been keeping her in a medically-induced coma to fool the staff in thinking that she was Rachel. (Prepare to see much more of the preppy, paranoid character in the upcoming season).

Paul died/Castor clones' 'purpose' was revealed

Orphan Black season 3
Paul finally showed his true colours in the sixth episode of season three, sacrificing himself to save Sarah BBC America

In episode 6, Paul, who has been working alongside Dr Virginia Coady and the Castor clones, learns that Sarah is being held captive and being tested on – causing her health to deteriorate. Making him angered, Paul has Coady arrested and takes charge of the Castor camp.

Paul later realises that everyone at the base has been conspiring against him, with Coady planning to use the Castor clone's sexually-transmitted defect, which renders women infertile, to control the wider population.

Paul hurries to help the now-recovered Sarah escape but stays behind to dispose of a Castor clone named Miller. Sarah finds Helena as Paul urges Coady to stop. She responds by shooting him but shortly after, an injured Paul releases a grenade, destroying everything at the base in an attempt to put an end to Coady's research.

The 'original' was found

Orphan Black season 3
Sarah and adoptive mother Mrs. S finally locate the elusive \'original\' in London BBC America

Despite not being much help before before she fled, Rachel provided leads for Sarah, Felix and Mrs. S which takes them to London in pursuit of the elusive 'original.' There, they meet a man who believes Ethan's coded numbers (which Rachel translated from Cosima's The Island Of Doctor Moreau book) relate to a prisoners identity and could offer up some answers. As he investigates, Ferdinand orders him to be beaten to death before he can reveal anything significant.

The deceased Londoner's phone provides the trio with an address, which turns out to belong to Kendall Malone, Mrs. S's mother. It is later revealed that Kendall is the original to both Leda and Castor, as she is a chimera; someone who possesses two cell lines.

Dyad, Leda and Castor are run by Neolution

Orphan Black season 3
Rachel tries to escape the clutches of the Dyad but her journey is intercepted and she is taken hostage by her now-corrupted Neolutionist mother, Susan BBC America

Realising Dr. Nealon has assisted Rachel's escape, Delphine put him in DYAD's cell, where he asked her to turn on the screen, which revealed a camera feed of Rachel. "We were there from the very beginning," he explained. "Topside pursues its profits. The military pursues its weapon. We steer it all from within." Neolution. They observed and controlled all of the players in the conspiracy since the beginning, Nealon boasted, calling Castor and Leda their Adam and Eve, and soon, Topside will unknowingly deliver the original's genes and DNA to them.

"You're finished," he threatens before attacking Delphine. His rival shot him just in time to keep the Neolution worm from crawling, out of his mouth, onto her however. "You won't live 'til morning," he warned as he died...

Delphine got shot

Following on from the threat, Delphine was shot by an unseen figure with her fate left unknown. "What will happen to her?" she asked the shooter, letting on that she recognises the person pulling the trigger. Hopefully, we don't have to wait much longer for answers as to who the shooter is and if they did, in fact, kill Delphine.