The third day of Oscar Pisorius's bail hearing has drawn to a close with the prosecution saying the athlete meant to kill whoever was in the bathroom, whether it was Reeva Steenkamp or not.

Gerrie Nel said the 26-year-old athlete had a total disregard for the murder charge and does not even think the case will go to trial.

He ended proceedings by saying Pistorius was a violent individual, whose intention to kill was made clear by him firing four shots into the bathroom where his girlfriend was.

In court, Nel said Pistorius's version of events was improbable. He said the Paralympian would have had to walk past Steenkamp's side of the bed twice to get his gun and that it was unlikely, if he thought there was an intruder, that he would not have woken her.

"You want to protect her but you don't even look at her?" he said.

"There are two people in the house and you hear a noise. Do you immediately assume it's a burglar and not the person next to you?"

Nel said that regardless of who the person in the bathroom was, Pistorius still planned to kill, adding that he created the danger by arming himself and entering the bathroom. Self-defence could not be argued, said Nel.

He said that even in Pistorius' own version of events, he fired to kill the burglar. That showed intent to murder, said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor also attacked the defendant's behaviour, saying he was not taking the case seriously.

Oscar Pistorius
Pisotrius\'s defence lawyer says people will be shocked if he is not released on bail (Reuters)

Nel said the Paralympian champion appeared to believe that he would not be charged, stand trial or go to jail.

"He wants to continue with his life as if this incident never happened. A total lack of insight into the seriousness of what he's done," said Nel.

"This total lack of insight and willingness to take responsibility for his deeds increases his flight risk."

He also highlighted Pistorius's words that he would stand trial "should there be one".

Pistorius's defence lawyer, Gerry Roux, ealier told the court how Pistorius and Steenkamp spending the night together was consistent with a loving relationship.

He said that the autopsy showed that the model's bladder was empty, suggesting that she had got out of bed in the night to go to the toilet, not that she was afraid from him and was hiding in the bathroom.

Roux was also highly critical of Hiton Botha's testament on Wednesday.

He said the investigating officer has been "extremely selective" about what evidence he gave to the court. Botha admitted that Pistorius had told him that he thought Steenkamp was an intruder when police arrived at the scene.

Roux was adamant that the suspect was not a flight risk.

"The question is why should he be further incarcerated in the interests of justice?" Roux said.

He told the court that Pistorius has given his full version of events and that there was nothing to refute it.

Judge Desmond Nair asked Roux if he thought people would be shocked if Pistorius were released. Roux responded: "Not after hearing his defence. I think there'll be shock if he's not."

The bail hearing will resume at 8.00am GMT on Friday.