The Revenant director Alejandro Iñárritu and star Leonardo DiCaprio joined hands backstage, talking to reporters about their Oscar wins. DiCaprio, finally a winner after 25 years in the business and four nominations, talked about the rise of Iñárritu and his cameraman, Emmanuel Lubezki, aka Chivo.

DiCaprio said: "It's incredible that two outsiders came from Mexico, came to our industry, were firm in their beliefs artistically, and here we have a two-time winner at the Academy Awards. With Chivo, a three-time winner, I'm so proud to be working with these guys, they represent everything that this industry is and what it should be."

DiCaprio, 41, had been nominated four times previously for an acting Oscar over a career spanning 25 years. He was the favourite to clinch the Academy Award this year for his gruelling portrayal of a fur trapper left for dead in an icy wilderness after being mauled by a bear. Iñárritu has become the first director in 66 years to receive back-to-back awards, after receiving a best director nod for Birdman.

Iñárritu, continuing on from what he said in his acceptance speech said: "I think one of the problems that we are suffering is there is no moderate platforms to talk about something deeply, very important, that it's deciding the destinies of people around the world – not only here – by the colour of their skin. So that we are still dragging those prejudices and tribal thinking at this time. It seems to me absolutely absurd."