Outlander season 2 still Starz

During a recent interview, showrunner Ron D Moore and lead actors Caitriona Balfe (Claire) and Sam Heughan (Jamie) told blastr that shooting for season 2 (based on the book, Dragonfly In Amber) has felt like a new show in some ways.

"We felt a little bit of discomfort in the transition, because we were so used to playing in this gritty Scottish mud," Balfe said about leaving their Scottish location shooting behind. "Everything was very muted with the wools. Now all of a sudden we're in these luxurious apartments and grand houses."

Meanwhile, it also looks like the makers intend to air the complete second season in one go without taking any midseason break.

"The first half of the book is all in Paris and it's very political and it's a lot of conspiracies and manoeuvring and gossips and double-dealing...and then the book shifts and they return to Scotland and then it's a war story," Moore told Zap2It in an earlier interview. "It's two very distinct halves."

"You could theoretically broadcast it in two pieces because they are almost standalone sections, but right now the intention is probably to show them straight through," he added.

Outlander season 2 is expected to premiere in April, 2016.