Overcooked Nintendo Switch
Artwork for the Switch release of the game. Team 17

Award-winning local multiplayer favourite Overcooked will be released for Nintendo Switch later this week on Thursday, 27 July. The chaotic co-op game tasks players with managing a bustling kitchen as they prep food for unseen, but very demanding, customers.

Overcooked: Special Edition includes the base game as well as the Lost Morsel and Festive Seasoning additional content released after the original versions on PS4 and Xbox One last year.

The game will be available to buy via the Nintendo eShop for £15.99 (€19.99).

Overcooked: Special Edition contains 44 campaign missions that be played solo and with up-to-four players either locally or online. There are also nine competitive versus levels for two or four players.

Players can choose one of 22 different chefs, including a regular human cook, a dinosaur, a bulldog, a robot or a raccoon.

Each mission requires players to rustle up specific recipes - soup, burgers, burritos and much more - by finding the right ingredients, chopping them up, cooking them, assembling them, then sending them off.

Plates return empty for players to clean, and themselves represent another plate to keep spinning. Keeping an orderly kitchen is near impossible as tasks stack up, with everything quickly descending into chaos.

With the console's built-in multiplayer capabilities and local multiplayer focus, Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for Overcooked.

Publisher Team17 released the briefest of videos to accompany the news, which is embedded below.