"Overwatch" players will agree that the post-launch support for the team-based shooter has been nothing short of exceptional. Blizzard Entertainment evidently kept the game fresh with the help of seasonal events and new in-game goodies, which were frequent enough to keep gamers interested. However, as of late, fans have started to notice a change of pace from the developers. It was eventually speculated that manpower was redirected to work on the sequel. Now, Jeff Kaplan finally comes clean and admits "Overwatch 2" is to blame for the lack of original content.

Kotaku was reportedly able to sit down with the "Overwatch" game director at BlizzCon 2019 and discuss the current state of support for the original title. Prior to the interview, analysts likewise suspected that Blizzard Entertainment had something new in store for its legion of fans.

The annual event was filled with big announcements such as "Diablo IV," "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands," and "Overwatch 2." Despite leaks spoiling the surprise, the overall response was apparently favourable.

Kaplan explained it was difficult for his team to focus on two major titles at once. Moreover, it was a struggle to keep the project under wraps and keep rumours at bay about why new features and balance changes were coming in at a slower rate than before. Nonetheless, now that "Overwatch 2" is out in the open, the people closely working on the sequel are no longer restricted from sharing updates via official channels.

The BlizzCon 2019 showcase provided gamers with an overview as to how the "Overwatch" team plans to support the two titles. Since the core gameplay lies with competitive multiplayer, all the new maps, and characters henceforth will also be available for players who want to stick with the original.

Meanwhile, those who are planning on buying the second installment get to enjoy a new story-driven PvE game mode. As an added bonus, all of the stuff that they unlocked from the first game will carry over as well. According to Kaplan, "I think 'Overwatch 2' is kinda gonna be the greatest moment in 'Overwatch' history." Blizzard Entertainment has yet to reveal the release date, pricing, and supported platforms.

Overwatch Jeff Kaplan
This picture is from last year's Blizzcon. Kaplan has a boss beard now. Blizzard