Overwatch Sombra
A leaked picture of Sombra. Blizzard

Sombra is the name of Overwatch's 23rd playable hero, but the new character has yet to be officially revealed by Blizzard, the developers behind this year's smash hit first person shooter. Instead, Sombra has been teased in an ARG (alternate reality game).

The lengthy ARG led fans to a website, amomentincrime.com, which slowly updated over the course of eight weeks. As the counter ticked up, many Overwatch fans expected some kind of announcement once it reached 100%, but were left disappointed when it did so yesterday (18 October).

Disappointed, and angry. A Reddit post on the site's Overwatch subreddit went supernova following the countdown's completion, filling up with angry comments from fans upset that the wait for Sombra' arrival has been put off again.

The post, called "Blizzard please do not treat any heroes in the future like you have with Sombra," has over 3000 comments at the time of writing. The original post reads: "Let me start by saying some of the ARG stuff is cool. Like the website or small hints in game. However all this Sombra 'hype' has reached a point where I'm completely sick and tired of hearing about her.

"Sure, I'm excited for a new hero. But at this point Sombra has become more of a meme than an actual character. And nothing they introduce with her will be able to live up to the, frankly frustrating, amount of hype she's been given. It seems like every time we're FINALLY going to see a release, it turns out to be yet another teaser.

"I guess the short answer is I'm sick of hearing about her. And if this is how every hero is going to be treated from now on, I worry every character will be released to disappointment rather than excitement."

The top rated comment says: "ARGs work when you trickle out information, not literally nothing after literally nothing." Another reads: "We've had Sombra teases since before Ana [the first additional hero following the game's launch], this whole 'ARG with no real answers' thing has been ridiculous for a long time."

What we know so far about Sombra is that she is a computer hacker who "hacked" Blizzard's forums before the A Moment In Crime website appeared. Once the countdown reached 100%, all that appeared was the following:

"...Transmisión finalizada - finalizando carga... ...Carga finalizada. Unidad Bastion E-54 comprometida..."

Which translates roughly to...

"Transmission complete. Completing load. Load complete. Unit E-54 Bastion compromised."

This means Sombra hacked the last Bastion unit, which is the playable Bastion character in the game, and this will likely form part of Overwatch's ever-expanding lore.

With Blizzard hosting its 10<sup>th annual Blizzcon next month, it's expected that Sombra's official reveal – and likely her introduction to the game too – will happen by then, or at some point during the event which runs on 4 and 5 November.

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