Overwatch heroes Pharah, Hanzo and (in the background) Mercy Blizzard

Overwatch fans have been requesting an easier way to save and share their most impressive feats since the game first launched nearly one year ago.

It seems they won't have to wait much longer to find out what developer Blizzard has been working on.

Game director Jeff Kaplan told fans on the game's Battle.net forums that development of such a feature is the "current focus" of the feature team, which he explains is one of the smaller development teams working on the hero-based shooter.

"The team is working extremely hard on this and has been for months. Expect more details early this summer," Kaplan said, implying an announcement of sorts will be made within the next couple of months.

Blizzard's shooter highlights the best play of each game after that game ends, but also saves other impressive plays automatically. The five most-recent quality plays a player has made are saved for the duration of their play session.

Players are unable to keep those plays unless they do so manually through PS4's capture functionality, the Xbox One DVR or a PC equivalent.

Blizzard first discussed improving the feature last June, less than a month after the game was first released. At the time Kaplan said: "We have a lot we want to do with Highlights and the PoTG [Play of the Game] as well. We would like to improve those features and there are a lot of cool ideas we want to see happen."

Evidence began to mount last week that Blizzard is planning an event to celebrate the game's first anniversary, which falls on 24 May. We could hear more about an improved highlights feature around then.

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