In 2018, police in Colorado, United States received a report that child pornography was being shared on a social media website. The Colorado Springs police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated Dr. Justin Neisler in relation to the report.

When the authorities raided the doctor's home in Denver, Colorado they discovered pornographic images and videos of children on multiple devices. The medical practitioner was arrested in March 2019. Appearing in front of a federal court, the paedophile pleaded guilty to the charges against him. He has been sentenced to 23 years in prison and his medical license was forfeited.

Neisler has been working as a doctor for two clinics in Colorado and has the licence to practice in the state as well as in Georgia. While working with patients, he reportedly targeted young boys. He asked the parents of young boys to leave the children with him alone for examination. In the examination room, he made the children undress. Using his iPhone and a spy pen camera, he took videos of the boys in the nude without their knowledge or permission.

The Colorado Springs Police started an investigation into reports of child pornography being circulated. On March 13, 2019, they raided the home of Neisler. They confiscated multiple electronic devices including his cell phone. It was revealed that the man possessed 6,600 pornographic images and 1,725 pornographic videos of children. It is unclear how many of the images and videos were that of his patients.

From the evidence collected by the police, they were able to contact the victim's families. Centura Health, which operates the St. Anthony North Family Medicine in Westminster, announced that they had fired Neisler after his arrest.

In court, the parents of the victims confirmed that the former doctor had asked them to leave their children alone with him. The court was told that Neisler did not distribute the videos and images of his patients. The 32-year-old man reportedly used them for his own sexual gratification, the Denver Channel reported. It was also determined that the man did not commit any hands-on offences.

Neisler pleaded guilty to the charges of producing child pornography. The jail term will be followed by 10 years in a supervised release. He has to pay $10,100 (£7,945) to the court and to funds set up for the assistance of victims of child sex crimes. His medical license has been suspended and may be revoked.

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A doctor had been sentenced to 23-years in prison for taking pornographic images and videos of underage male patients. (Representational image) Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash