A businessman in Pakistan is set on a mission that he claims has been assigned to him from God to construct a 140ft giant cross.

Parvez Henry Gill says he was asked to embark on the mission after God encouraged him to do "something good" for people in a dream.

Gill urged his fellow Christian-minority community members in Pakistan to stop fleeing from the country and fight the racial violence.

"God will protect you. Stay in your country. Don't be afraid," said Gill, reported CBS News.

Gill says the 140ft cross that is under construction will serve as a reminder to the Christian-minority people in Pakistan that "God is everywhere".

The giant cross is being constructed next to the Gora Qabristan Christian cemetery in Karachi, Pakistan and set to be completed in the summer.

Despite Gill's fearlessness, several Muslim and Christian people have warned the cross could spark further violence.

Nadia Gill, a Christian school teacher not related to Parvez, said: "This is a source of inspiration, no doubt. But the security threat which comes with it cannot be ignored.

"We are a community under threat. If God spoke to Mr Gill, then maybe this cross will survive. But I still have my fears."

Meanwhile, social media users hailed the construction of the giant cross.

Cross Karachi
The 140-foot cross is being built at the entrance to the largest Christian cemetery in Karachi, Pakistan. Getty Images