Palace sources have insisted that Prince William and Prince Harry's teams were not at war when the latter, along with his wife Meghan Markle, quit as a senior members of the British royal family.

A new BBC documentary "The Princes And The Press" scheduled to air on Tuesday evening will reportedly carry potentially damaging allegations about the family. Courtiers have not been shown the two-part documentary, but sources told the Mail on Sunday that they believe it would include claims that William and Harry's teams had a "briefing war" against each other during the Megxit controversy.

The royal family is believed to be enraged by the BBC2 programme, and Queen Elizabeth II has joined forces with her heirs Prince Charles and Prince William to protest it. A senior royal source who dubbed the show "tittle-tattle" said that the British monarch is particularly "upset" with it.

Insiders at the Queen's office Buckingham Palace, the Prince of Wales' office at Clarence House, and the Duke of Cambridge's office at Kensington Palace were reportedly angered that they were not given the chance to view the show or respond to any such damaging claims. Royal sources said the three households have no intention to censor neither BBC nor the documentary, but they believe they deserve a right of reply. Buckingham Palace is reportedly planning to threaten a boycott on all future projects with BBC unless they are given a right to respond to the allegations.

Meanwhile, sources rebuked any suggestions that royal aides working for the feuding royal siblings were at the centre of a briefing war during Megxit. Insiders insisted that contrary to the claims, senior royal aides repeatedly refused to participate in a public war of words even after Harry and Meghan made explosive and damaging claims about the palace in their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

A source said, "It was always very clear from the top that no one wanted to be dragged down that particular rabbit hole, however egregiously people were being provoked by the Sussexes." The insider added that the palace instead adopted a "period of silence" believing it would help take the "toxicity" out of the situation. The Queen issuing a personal statement to clarify that the issues with Harry and Meghan would be dealt with "privately as a family" was also a step in that direction.

The controversial documentary will cover the years following the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012 and the "positive media reaction to the emergence of a new generation of royals" in the first part. Its second part will delve into the last three years including Harry's feud with his brother as well as his relationship with his wife and their decision to relocate to the US after quitting as working royals.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship -- once close -- has soured Gareth Fuller/POOL