Pamela Amderson
Pamela Anderson poses for the cameras - File photo Getty

Pamela Anderson is enraged at Piers Morgan as she believes he has cut down her interview with him to just 37 minutes from three hours. The former Baywatch star has claimed that her interview for the new ITV series, called Life Stories, will now mainly comprise of discussions on her "body parts and men".

Lashing out at Morgan, the 50-year-old actress said the TV personality always tries to "make everyone happy" even if it means adding some "twist of tabloid journalism".

"He knows his audience. I just wish differently. Times are changing. People are more aware than ever. Keep up, Stay tuned," the mother-of-two said while revealing her unhappiness at the final cut of the interview, which is yet to be aired on ITV, according to The Sun.

Anderson said she also spoke about her political activism and campaigning in the interview but, "you won't see this in the final edit". She also claimed to have spoken about her support for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who she has been spotted visiting numerous times at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in the recent past.

Speaking of Assange, Anderson had revealed in early 2017 that she has high regards for the WikiLeaks founder as she believes his non-profit organisation is "very heroic and very important and it's true news".

Meanwhile, Morgan has rubbished Anderson's claims, saying she "hasn't seen the final edit". He added that she also "thanked him profusely" when the filming of the interview was completed.

"She hasn't seen the final edit and it's a very fair and balanced portrait of her entire life," he was quoted as saying by Daily Express. "As for her body parts, Ms Anderson's social media posts regularly feature a celebration of just her world-famous body parts, so I am surprised she would take exception to me discussing them."