Milton Primary Academy
Milton Primary Academy in Stoke. Google Maps

Parents of pupils at Milton Primary Academy in Stoke-on-Trent have been told they must drop off and collect their children within the school's grounds due to safety concerns. Year 6 students have been told not to walk alone to school or walk from a car park just 40 metres away.

The decision was made after complaints were filed about people acting "suspiciously" near the school. However, parents believe the move is over the top.

Mark Walton, 36, whose 10-year-old son attends the school, reveals that a lot of parents don't believe the complaints.

"Before Christmas we received a letter saying there had been complaints of people following children but a lot of parents felt this was untrue," Mr Walton said (via The Stoke Sentinel).

"Despite this, the school has brought in the new rules and told parents that if they drop their child off at the car park and let them walk in then they won't be allowed into class. It's not on and if you are dropping your child off and have to go to work you may not have a lot of time.

"There's so many people that have to drop their child off and get to work by 9am. It is on a main road but there is a lollipop lady so a lot of parents feel it is safe to drop the kids off at the car park and let them walk."

Milton Primary executive headteacher Christine Dean said: "Milton Primary Academy has made the decision to change the procedure for our Year 6 children walking to and from school alone.

"Following several safety concerns during the autumn term, the governors have made the decision that children should be brought to school and collected from school, ensuring all our children arrive and depart safely."

Mr Walton's partner Sue Walton, also voiced her concerns: "I told my son he could walk to school from the Nisa car park in Milton Road so he could have a bit of independence but the school is now making me take that away from him.

"We've been told it is about safety but I think the short walk is safe enough because there is a lollipop lady.

"My son is in Year 6 and I let him start walking the last bit because it helps prepare him for moving to high school."

Not all parents are against the plan however. Wendy Wardell, 48, says: "To be honest my daughter is only nine so I am quite happy to take her to the school building. If she was a bit older then I think she would be fine."